Triathlon region

Termeno and triathlon, a perfect couple

As former triathlete, still keen on this sports and all other kind of sprots I can just confirm that our region is just perfect for exerting triathlon right here. For swim training, there are Lake Caldaro, Lago di Monticolo and the outdoor pools of Egna and Termeno. The roads to the passes around and also the roads in the valley basin are in perfect shape for cycling training. There are straight courses ideal for brisk pace rides, while on the roads to the mountains around you can exercise your kilter. For running, there are also plenty of possibilities, starting at the doorstep of Hotel Arndt

The forest of Monticolo with its lake as well as Lago di Caldaro and the surrounding circular trail are ideal for combined training sessions. Starting from Hotel Arndt, both destinations can be reached by running a circular trail of 16 km or 30 km.

The Lake Caldaro Triathlon in Olympic distance takes place at the beginning of May. It is a highly demanding race for the beginning of the triathlon season. The swimming has been taking place in Lake Caldaro since 1988, the selective cycling route leads the participants almost to the village of Caldaro three times, and the running course is a circular route in the nearby vineyards of the classic area around Lago di Caldaro and must also be completed three times. 

Bathing lakes

The most famous bathing lake in the surrounding area is Lago di Caldaro, only 4 km away. Just in the north of Lake Caldaro, there is the Lago di Monticolo with the small and large Lago di Monticolo. Lake Göller is situated in the municipal area of Aldino and Lago di Favogna is located just above. Despite of the fact that the lakes are very small, they are ideal for spending a pleasant afternoon. In a 30 minutes‘ drive you can reach the Lago di Molveno and the Lago Santo.