Roadbike competence

Out and about with Arno

Even if humans make progress, some fads remain...

In the past Arno, your host, was keen on making the most kilometers possible, performing high wattage and being the fastest when running, while today he appreciates most the beauty of landscape and impressive scenes that South Tyrol by the way has plenty to offer. 

Also the best apple strudel, Kaiserschmarrn (pancake with raisins) and coffee are issues that have gained importance in the course of Arno’s life, while in the past he hardly ever even stopped to take a break, as it seemed just needless to him.

But humans make progress and improve themselves, as we found out.

Arno is still a passionate triathlete and has been doing this sports for about 30 years now, but his time management has definitely changed in the course of his career. Sports is an integral part of Arno’s life and outdoor activities have always had an important role to play in his life. And this is exactly what he would like to  convey to his guests. As far as tours are concerned, Arno is pleased to meet your demands, no matter if you prefer tour maps or gpx data.

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Moreover we offer:

  • Internal, video-surveilled bike garage
  • laundry service for trikots and bike dresses 
  • space to wash your bike 
  • every day tour briefings at the bar  
  • tours in GPX format, personally cycled by the host, are available